About John

John looking over specs

I’ve been scratching out personal essays and book reviews for the better part of a decade now. Many of these have been on natural history subjects. Indeed, for the past five years I published a website entirely dedicated to the reviewing of books on natural history subjects, but as might be expected, My tastes in reading material range far wider than natural history alone.

Most any genre of book – with the notable exceptions of modern “literary fiction” (which I find pretentious and self-important) and popular pulp –  is potentially fair game for me. I have particular interests in the Greek, Roman, and Arabic classics, English and American literature prior to the mid-part of the twentieth century, European and Russian literature in translation, intellectual history, and religion.

For those who might be interested, I do have a few other interests in life aside from books. I’m both a husband and father (a hausmann, in fact). I am very fond of early and common practice (Baroque, Classical, and Romantic) music, and have been an enthusiast of the ballet since age thirteen. I’m a reasonably good cook with a desire to become a better one, and on occasion I’ve been known to watch birds.